The Family Business

Our family, our children, our parents; 

and yes, our staff!


Our Values

We achieve together!

We Are Professional and Passionate!

Joe and Lori, Joe’s sister

We Value, Appreciate and Respect Each Other.

The Fun Never Ends

“My dad is hard-working, fun-loving and ambitious. His desire and stive for greatness is the most admirable thing about him. I can tell you that Chicago Boat Rentals puts their customers first and themselves last.” 

-Riley Brown, daughter


Family Fun

“Family and fun are the same thing here.”

-Shea Brown, daughter

See the City Differently While Being Your Own Captain

Kenny loves driving the family yacht.

Time Spent with Family is Worth Every Second

Friends, Family, Fun

Our Vision

Our purpose/vision is to grow into a leading business in Chicago for boat rentals. Below are the goals to achieve this vision:

  • To constantly grow and strive for excellence while staying focused on quality and comfort
  • To be known for good prices, great fun and honest straightforward service
  • To leave our customers feeling pleased after making use of our service so that they won’t hesitate to come again

Thinking Ahead

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat,” the famous one-liner from the movie, “Jaws” has become the running joke at Chicago Boat Rentals. As we continue to grow, and our guests return, we continue to grow our fleet and we will always contune to think ahead to our “bigger boat.”

Our Mission

Providing people with a fun experience on our boat tours come in different packages. Also, we factor in comfort so that customers are able to get great value for their money. Our mantra is: See the City Differently While Being Your own Captain.

In addition, we want to exceed our customers’ expectations in terms of quality, service and value while at the same time refusing to compromise our commitment to excellent customer service. This will allow us to earn the trust and loyalty of our customers, which will then bring about continuous growth of our business.

Joe Brown

Joe Brown


Makenna Brown

Makenna Brown

Dock Host

Angela Jane

Angela Jane

Director Of Events/Operations

Matt Shroka

Matt Shroka

Dock Supervisor

Kasia Pruszynski

Kasia Pruszynski


Nick Rizvi

Nick Rizvi

Senior Dock

Danny White

Danny White

Senior Dock

Community Involvement

Chicago Boat Rentals encourages community involvement and family values.  We also believe in contributing to the well-being of a community beyond financial support.

School and Athletic Programs

Providing jobs and supporting school and athletic programs are examples of making a positive difference in the communities we serve.

Coaching Athletic Programs

The best type of contribution is our time

Rainbows For All Children

Because All Children Matter

St Francis High School

Proud Supporter of the school and Athletic Dept.

Winfield Park District


Monroe Middle School

Proud supporter of this wonderful school

Family Shelter Services

Chicago Boat Rentals has been a proud supporter since 2015

District 84 Schools Franklin Park



American Red Cross

Mingling For A Mission Donations

First Congretional Church Of Berwyn

The Brown’s church for over 30 yeaars. Mom Brown still volunteers here.

Wheaton Park District

Chicago Boat rentals supports Wheaton Park District

Center For Enriched Living

Supporting people with developmental disabilities so they can be fully included in the community

Donation Requests

All donation requests should be sent via email to our Operations Director Angela.  Please ensure all information is provided. If we are unable to support for any reason, we can make recommendations for other resources.