To all  of our Groupon voucher holders:

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the ongoing issues surrounding vouchers purchased through Groupon.

Although you may have a valid Groupon redemption code that has been purchased through Groupon it may be invalid or un-redeemable.

Many of our customers vouchers were marked by Groupon after their reservation was made.   As a result, CBR did not receive payment.  When brought to the attention of our customers, many have informed us that they did not ask for a refund and did not receive any credits from Groupon.  Some of our customer also informed us that Groupon  issued new redemption codes.or marked their voucher refunded without their knowledge.

After further investigation by Chicago Boat Rentals and independent investigators Facades IT , it was found that customer’s names were used under other customers voucher numbers, switched with other customers names and in fact their vouchers were listed as refunded.

To ensure that our customers are able to redeem and enjoy their discounted rental; CBR notified our assigned rep, Groupon attorneys and Groupon  board members.  After CBR sent the documentation of our customers showing “refunded” some of the customers were then marked “not refunded”.In these instances our customers did not receive any credit or refunds.  CBR also was never paid for these vouchers.

While we always provide our customers with the value of the voucher after the expiration date, we can no longer verify correct information through Groupon.  Even after Chicago Boat Rentals redeems vouchers, oftentimes these vouchers are un-redeemed and then marked refunded.

If you would like to use your expired un-redeemed voucher,  we recommend logging into your account and checking the status of your voucher and sending a screenshot to us.  We can then verify  through the merchant dashboard.  Another option is to simply contact Groupon directly.

CBR does have the past five years of customers and the status of their vouchers.  We are happy to provide each customer with their status as it is shown on the downloaded copies we have maintained.

As always, our customers come first. We are happy to discuss your account on an individual basis and will provide all past Groupon customers a one time Groupon price match for 2018.  Follow us on Facebook for weekly and monthly discounts as well.

If you are a merchant. and are experieinceing any of the above issues, feel free to