Covid-19 Restrictions

 Update January 2021

Phase 4  boating capacities  (per Lori Lightfoot and City of Chicago) was in affect during the 2020 season.  We are awaiting 2021 guidelines.  In the meantime, we will continue with last years restrictions with any updates below in blue.

18ft Pontoon- 6 Person Total Capacity

This is 6 total bodies- adults, children, and/or infants .

 22ft Pontoon- 8 Person Total Capacity

This is 8 total bodies– adults, children, and/or infants .


We do not know when or if fireworks will be displayed in Chicago. If Fireworks are displayed in 2021, Chicago Boat Rentals will only offer Wednesday night fireworks cruises.

Covid-19  Safety

Our Guests are important. As always, our boats are cleaned and sanitized after every rental.  Our rentals are private. This means that only your group will be on a boat during the rental.  Masks are not required when outside and social distancing (from others not in your group or family) and we encourage you to do what you feel is best for your group.

Our picnic area is provided for our guests as they wait to board their boat.  Our picnic tables are more than 6ft apart.  We do not require masks in that waiting area or when checking in at the trailer.  Again, it is outdoors.  If you are not comfortable being around others while you wait, you are welcome to wait in your car. 

Please do not book if you have more than 6 or 8 people (depending on boat size)  in total as we are unable to refund. If more than the allowed people arrive, we cannot let the group out.  The Mayor has made it clear that she will shut businesses down for any violations during the restrictions.

Before booking, please read some of the frequently asked questions here.

This will ensure you and your guests have the best experience.



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