Covid-19 Restrictions

Our boating capacities  (per Governor Pritzker)

There has been much confusion regarding restrictions for boating.   We have received conflicting guidelines from the state, the city, and parks and recreation. While operating under capacities of 6 and 10, the police pulled our guests over and informed us that we can only have 6 people total per boat. 4 maximum adults.

Per Governor Pritzker,  4 is the maximum number of adults allowed on our boats but Guests are allowed 2 additional people if they are children (17 years old and under). 6 people total, 4 max adults)  This applies to all of our boats – no matter what size. These capacity guidelines were set forth by Gov. Pritzker in the “Boating & Fishing Guidelines” by the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity.

We have not seen these restrictions change for boats in Phase 4 even though public outdoor gatherings are 50 people.

For example, you can have:
2 adults and 4 children
4 adults and 2 children
3 adults and 3 children
4 adults only.
Children are those under the ages of 17

We value you as our Guest and we want your experience to be one that is pleasant. While we don’t agree with the limits, we are forced to abide or risk fines and possible sanctions against us. Moreover, we risk having our Guests unhappy or unsatisfied with us as a company.

Please do not show up with more people than stated above.  If your group has more than 4 adults show up, we cannot let your group out and we will not refund any money paid.  Please understand, while we do not agree with the capacity guidelines, we must follow them. This weekend our staff dealt with police, angry customers and families and even profanity because people were angry that their entire group could not go out. Our staff cannot make exceptions and it puts them in a difficult situation especially when trying to check in other Guests.

Our Guests are important. As always, our boats are cleaned and sanitized after every rental.  Our rentals are private. This means that only your group will be on a boat during the rental.  Masks are not required when outside and social distancing (from others not in your group or family) and we encourage you to do what you feel is best for your group.

Our picnic area is provided for our guests as they wait to board their boat.  Our picnic tables are more than 6ft apart.  We do not require masks in that waiting area or when checking in at the trailer.  Again, it is outdoors.  If you are not comfortable being around others while you wait, you are welcome to wait in your car.

We do not know when or if fireworks will be displayed in Chicago. We are still keeping those rentals as nighttime rentals but do not guarantee fireworks will be shown.

We are waiting to hear if this will change in phase 4. As soon as we know, we will post and notify our customers.

Please do not book if these restrictions will affect you as we are unable to refund.

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