About The Owner

Joe Brown

Catering to business owners, celebrities and family and groups for exceptional Tailgate experiences.  Joe Brown always believed tailgating before games enables fans to get together and share the love of their team.   Corporate Tailgate made that happen with all the bells and whistles. In winter, 2011, while hosting a tailgate, Joe looked out towards Lake Michigan and thought about how he would love to service his customer’s year round and not only during football season.  As he looked at Lake Michigan and imagined the sun beating down during summer, and remembered his father taking him out on boats, the idea of boat rentals popped in his head. The following Monday, Joe began his search for pontoon boats and his idea became a reality in 2012 when he began Chicago Boat Rentals. With his girls, and his mom and dad by his side, Chicago Boat Rentals began servicing customers that summer.

Keeping It In The Family

Joe’s three girls have grown up cruising the Chicago River and learning about safety on Lake Michigan.  During school breaks, you can find them at the docks helping customers or fixing boats.  If you happen to see a gorgeous grandmother planting flowers or handing out candy; that’s Grandma Brown.  A retired school teacher who loves her family and loves the boats!



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January 10, 2018

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