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Bareboat Charter Rules and Regulations

According to State and Federal Laws, yacht charters are regulated and heavily enforced by the United States Coast Guard. The different classes vary by the type of boat and take into consideration the way it is designed, the boat’s systems, and safety equipment. CBR offers the following:

•1 to 12 guests: Demise Charter – also known as Bareboat Charter and Recreational Charter

  This bareboat charter is regulated by the United States Coast Guard and it allows you to bring up to twelve guests plus your captain and crew. By law, the captain and crew must be independently hired by the charterer. CBR will provide you with a list of competent and properly trained captain and crew members.  The cost of the captain and crew is approximately $100-$150 per hour and is paid directly to the crew.  

Below are the conditions required for a legal bareboat charter:

• Charterer is to survey the vessel upon its delivery and return

• Charterer is given possession of the vessel and acts as vessel owner during the charter term.

• Charterer has complete command over the vessel and its navigation.

• Charterer selects and separately hires, at charterer’s expense, a qualified mariner to operate the vessel.

• Charterer may discharge the crew, for cause, without the permission of the charter company and/or yacht owner.

• Charterer is responsible for insurance, fuel, port fees, food and beverage – by law these items can’t be included in the charter.

• Charterer may not have more than 12 guests onboard at any time. Hired crew and charterer are not considered guests.


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