Living in the area of Chicago is beautiful. Whether you see the structures of the buildings on a daily basis, or come to visit here and there it is one of a kind!

Everyone has walked around the city and visited its landmarks. The Bean, the Riverwalk, Navy Pier, etc. Let me tell you how different it is experiencing Chicago’s sight seeing spots on a sidewalk versus riding down the river yourself. (WAY BETTER)

The perspective you get while driving the boat is unique. You can see how crystal clear the water is as it’s splashing upon the side of the boat.You will stretch your neck trying to gaze at how tall the buildings are. And trust me, people will be pointing and waving at you because the want to rent their own boat too!

Even though the city’s buildings remain the same, it will look different throughout the day. Usually I spend my mornings crabby and half asleep. It’s hard to remain that way when the water sparkles in the sunshine and flows peacefully as you glide down the river. Chicago traffic in the morning is a nightmare but riding down the river is soothing and calming. As the day goes on, the city does get busier. One of my favorite times to hop on a boat is while the sun is setting and getting ready for the moon. The colors of the sky is something a picture can’t even capture. Once night time comes around, it is a blast! Everyone is blasting their music. The river is crowded and surrounded by bright city lights. On Wednesday’s and Saturday’s you can not miss the fireworks at Navy Pier!

With Chicago Boat Rentals, you will be surprised on how many new things you will see and experience. Even if you grew up in the city. You won’t be able to rent with us just once. You will most definitely want to come again and show all your friends.

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